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I hope it gets better

Today did not start out very well. I got to bed late last night (I decided fairly late that I needed to wind a ball of rather sticky yarn so I can start a scarf today, as it's cold enough for scarves now). And the college boys on the next street were being noisy enough at almost 3AM that I considered calling the police. (I should call during business hours on Monday to find out what the local noise code is.)

I woke up around 8, wondering why the radio wasn't playing. (Even though I don't have to get up early on weekends, I still set the alarm.) I tried to turn the radio on, but nothing happened. It finally occurred to me that that's precisely what should happen when there's a power failure. The clock-radio has a battery to store all of its settings, but you can't listen to the radio on battery. So, I turned over and went back to sleep, assuming that the power would, somehow, be fixed.

Around 9:45, I woke up again. The power still wasn't back. So I stumbled into the kitchen, and squinted at the phone book, looking for the trouble number for United Illuminating. But, I got an "all circuits are busy, try your call again later" recording. Twice. That's more than a little scary.

I do have a boom-box radio in the kitchen, that will run on batteries. However, it has digital tuning, and the LCD display is broken, so it's almost impossible to see what you're doing. I mostly use it with the AUX input to listen to my XM inside, but, fortunately, it was tuned to a known station, from New York, when I switched away from the AUX. The known station was on its normal programming (sports talk), but it's a New York station. I was able, very carefully, to tune in a local station, that was also on its normal, albeit non-local, programming. Even though it was some Fox news crap, it was still strangely reassuring. At that point, I looked up, and my microwave was blinking 12:00. I waited a few minutes for the cable modem to finish resetting itself, and went to the UI web site, trying to figure out what had happened. According to the site, about 25,000 customers in my town were experiencing an outage, but there was no indication what had happened. As of now (12:30), more than half the town is still out.

I have a bunch of errands to do, and a pot of soup to make, so I'd better get going. But I'm wondering whether my normal stores (grocery, liquor, etc.) will have power and whether traffic lights will be working. This could be interesting.

At least I have yarn ready to go so that I have something to knit during the hockey games tonight.