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Boring weekend

It only seems like I haven't done anything all weekend. OK, I haven't done a lot, but I did get some things done.

Yesterday I did two loads of laundry. Since it was grim out, I hung them on the racks in the basement, and they're almost dry. There's a third load in the machine now, and I left enough space on the racks to hang everything in it. (If I'd been energetic enough first thing in the morning, I could have hung this load outside on the line, but now I'm not sure that things will dry before dark.)

I also went out briefly in the afternoon because of a chocolate emergency, the emergency being that I had none. While out, I filled the car (it was running on fumes, and filling it over the weekend will save time on Monday morning). The closest sensible place to buy chocolate is my local health food store. While much of what they have is natural and organic junk food, they do have some bulk items and natural ingredients. In their gluten-free section, I found something I've been looking for for a while: chick pea flour. It's lower carb (and higher fiber) than conventional wheat flour and is, I think, the breading for the fabulous cauliflower I had at an Indian restaurant a few months ago. And, they had free samples of locally-picked early-harvest apples. So, I came home with a Gingergold, which was every bit as good as I remember them being last year.

On the agenda for today, aside from the remaining laundry, is figuring out what to do with the cup or so of blackberries I have. I'm thinking some kind of syrup to put in yoghurt would be good.

And, of course, there will be knitting, and, if I get energetic, the bathrooms need cleaning.



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Aug. 31st, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
You can make crepes with chick pea flour too.
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