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Credit card fail

I am hopelessly disorganized. I'll admit it cheerfully. So, I have my credit card accounts set up to send me email reminders for various reasons. Different issuers have different options (one, for instance, will email for purchases over some threshold). But they will all email you a few days before a payment is due. This is great, as I can check the credit union bill-pay site to make sure I've paid or scheduled a payment, and, if I haven't, I can remedy that in time to avoid a late payment fee and, possibly, a ding on my credit record. So, today I got email from my backup card, one I almost never use, reminding me that a payment is in 5 days. Well, I hadn't paid or scheduled a payment, and I couldn't find a paper statement. So, I went to the credit card web site to check the current balance. Yep. The payment that's due in 5 days is for the sum of $0.00. Phew!
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